Running from a Tsunami: An Anti-Selfie

It has become a norm in our culture to document the sometimes exciting (but mostly the mundane) events in our lives through taking a selfie and blasting it on the long list of social media outlets.  The mentality is that putting your face in the photo with a particular background proves that you were there; basically, pics or it didn’t happen. If you didn’t take a picture of the filtered-pink sunset off of your oceanside DP balcony, did it even happen? Of course it did.  You managed to escape from the blazing house fire on Rider St.? Prove it.  The cop who caught you speeding 45mph above the speed limit was cute? how cute?

My friend and I took this photo during the great San Francisco tsunami of 2014.  To, me it says: I was there, we survived.


Running from a Tsunami: An Anti-Selfie

3 thoughts on “Running from a Tsunami: An Anti-Selfie

  1. Hi Amedea,

    I think this photo demonstrates your sense of humor. Your cognitive process behind the image really shows, regarding how people take selfies at inappropriate times.

    I like how you used a photo that you took specifically for this project rather than using a photo that you already have of yourself, and that you used an actual selfie.

    Good work!


  2. This is pretty epic. Did you screenshot a snapchat to do it or add the text in photoshop? I like the facial expressions of you (and your friend?) in the foreground in response to the happenings in the background.


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