Document Re-design: selection and critique

All Game Changer Programs Poster

Critique based on the CARP principles:


  • all text is cap locks, not enough contrast in font type or size
  • overlapping photos takes away from contrast
  • needs more white space


  • some alignment slightly off
  • no leading lines or eye lines


  • good on remaining consistent with colors


  • needs more of a visual hierarchy
  • what to look at first?


  • authenticity/familiarity: need real, non stock photos to be persuasive.  Can be achieved by placing it in a familiar setting like the UCSB Rec Cen, and by using models with a familiar body in terms of age, fitness level, gender, ect.
  • context: these posters have a particular physical context – they are in front of the gym or in hallways, not in your hand.  This means that paragraph style text is ver ineffective – people don’e have time to read as they are passing by.  Since no one will read it, important text gets hidden in the cloud of words.  To fix, pull out the important info and provide a website where they can read more or sign up.
  • needs to be more unique & eye catching to stand out.
  • tone: needs to be more bold and edgy.
Document Re-design: selection and critique

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