Game Changers Document Re-design: a Memo on the changes.

TO: Madeline Sorapure

FROM: Amedea Tassinari

DATE: January 21st, 2015

SUBJECT: Game Changers Document Redesign

The Game Changers Poster is an advertisement for UCSB Gaucho Pulse’s game changers programs, which is a small group personal training program giving students the opportunity to learn and practice achieving their fitness goals. The primary target audience is students, although non-students are allowed to participate for a larger fee. The goal is to catch attention and make students aware of this brand new program, and primarily to encourage them to sign up or read more on the program’s website.

The original design was not effective in achieving these goals, primarily because of the design. Some of the design problems include:

  • too cluttered with several overlapping photos and not enough white space
  • Needs visual hierarchy – what to look at first?
  • Needs a more authentic/familiar photo choice
  • To much text for the context of these posters (in a gym hallway)
  • Tone needs to be more bold; more eye-catching

The new version of the document (which can be viewed on my last post) was edited to correct these problems using design principles of clarity, authenticity, consistency and repetition, and visual hierarchy. To take away from the clutter and provide familiarity/authenticity, I used one, large photo of a participant wearing the program’s shirt as the background. I cut down on the content significantly, to an amount that the audience can read as they pause between sets of weightlifting at the Rec Cen. I created a red, white, and black color scheme to create consistency throughout the document. I arranged and sized the text to create an intentional visual hierarchy that shows the title first, the information second, and the details last.

I believe that this re-design solves the previously mentioned design flaws, allowing it to achieve it’s original purpose: to catch the attention of prospective participants, and encourage them that the game changers program is worth their time and money.

Game Changers Document Re-design: a Memo on the changes.

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