The Writing Minor Logo

As I already have a personal logo, I decided to try and tackle the creation of the Professional Writing Minor’s logo.  The challenge was to capture the dichotomies that exist in this program – the writing minor is academic and professional, yet modern and fun.  I decided to choose red as a dominant “pop” color for a clean, bold look.

From there, I decided on two variations.  These different logos each have a unique voice.  Let’s take a look:

Variation 1: The Semicolon


This design uses a semicolon in place of the “i” in “Minor.” The semicolon is a sophisticated form of punctuation, showing the refined quality of writers in this program.  The semicolon’s function is that it joins together two independent clauses; It’s the connector between A and B, so to speak.  The writing minor is an A-to-B connector, too.  As the minor takes place during student’s senior year and involves real world, hands on work, it connects student’s academic experience with their real world experience.

This logo is very sleek, bold, academic, modern, and professional.  Klinic Slab Light is a modern serif font that must have had a typewriter for an ancestor, which calls to mind professional-looking documents.  The bounding box on the logo can be interchangeable (see version 1 and version 2), so that it can be used or deleted according to it’s context.  If the logo is used as a title, it can be used without the bounding box.  If the logo is used as a seal, stamp, or as a small logo, it would be best used with the bounding box because it looks like one cohesive unit.  I also included a horizontal version so that the logo can fit all sizes.

Variation 2: The Word Bubble


The word bubble is a classic symbol of spoken words, and furthermore, of communication.  The common denominator between all of the tracks of the professional writing minor is that they teach students to be effective communicators through writing, design, professional documents, and more.  As a unique touch, part of the word bubble if folded over, giving it a texture like the corner of a piece of paper.  Paper is also a common symbol of writing.  This “fold” can be an element of design used for the Writing Minor brand – maybe the first letter of large text can have a little fold, or the corner of a design document can appear folded over to reveal the logo.

This logo is modern, fun, bold, and relevant.  The font is not reminiscent of a type writer unlike the other variation.  It has depth, with it’s darker red shadow, and will really pop on top of a document.  I included two direction alternatives so that the logo can literally point towards important elements on the page.

The Writing Minor Logo

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